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Greetings!  I am an experienced petite, mature 40+ model interested and available for work of all varieties including: commercial print, online/digital media & advertising, and even fashion runway!  I am based in CT and currently available on a part-time/as-available basis for projects in the greater CT, RI, MA, NY areas.  


As you will see in my portfolios, despite my size or my age, I offer the unique ability to showcase a variety of looks; everything from simple fashion, swimwear, fitness, lingerie, beauty/facial, and creative/editorial.  The fashion and beauty industries have begun to realize the huge value in branding specifically and diversely to mature target audiences.  I consider myself to be a "real person" model with the marketability to appeal to buyers and brands that value the unique beauty and style the GenX (and many other) population has to offer.   

I have been published in 4 magazines and am photoshoot experienced for a variety of project types.  Please check out my image portfolios and current resume for a closer look!

I am also agency signed!  My contracts, however, are non-exclusive, allowing me to book freelance modeling work or via other casting networks.  For more information on my freelance booking fees and agreement, please visit contact me via my contact/booking page.  For agency booking see below.   


  • AGE: 49

  • HEIGHT:  5'1"

  • WEIGHT:  100LBS

  • BUST:  34C

  • WAIST: 23"

  • HIPS: 33"

  • SHOE:  5.5/6US

  • SIZE:  XS/S/00/0


  • INSEAM: 28"

photo aug 05, 2 12 43 pm.jpg


Image by:  Noel Valero


For direct agency bookings, please contact NYMMG Booking department at:


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For direct agency bookings, please contact JC Booking department at: 860-563-5959

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